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Sanyo Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. is a maker that designs, develops, and manufactures tungsten carbide and diamond cutting tools, wear-resistant tools, and specialized industrial blades. Our company motto is “Products should be made from the heart”, and by providing a wide range of products necessary to society, we strive to be a positive force for people and society.To approach this goal, we work diligently to perform our duties as a company and live up to expectations, and deepen the understanding we have with our stakeholders through dialog and action.
In order to realize our business ideals, we put heavy emphasis on the following three themes:

Strengthening the Trusting Relationship with Stakeholders
By communicating with our stockholders, employees, customers, offices, and affiliated companies, we aim to deepen mutual understanding and increase the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.
About Compliance and Risk Management
We continually work to strengthen our risk management and compliance, which are vital to the advancement of a business and the prevention of improper actions.
Decreasing the Environmental Burden
In an effort to reduce the burden on the environment, we take active steps to lower energy consumption, minimize resource use, and reduce the creation of waste and hazardous materials.

Environmental Principles

Sanyo Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. recognizes the need for environmental protection on a global scale, and actively works through our business activities to contribute to the realization of sustainable development. In order to attain this goal, we have adopted the following measures.

Decreasing the Burden on the Environment
To help with environmental protection, we strive in all levels of our business to decrease the burden on the environment caused by resource and energy related factors, including such things as greenhouse gases, waste, and toxic chemical substances. Further, while developing techniques, products, and materials that are environmentally responsible, we also make efforts to minimize pollution and the risk of environmentally detrimental accidents.
Contributions to a Recycling-Oriented Society
We promote recycling ventures including initiatives to turn waste material into recycled goods and responsible waste processing. We are also promoting increased use of renewable energy sources and a structured recycling-oriented society.
Steps toward becoming a low-carbon-emission society
By taking part in such initiatives as developing materials, products, and skills aimed at reducing energy consumption and preventing global warming, we are actively working toward creating a sustainable low-carbon-emission society.


Sanyo Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. consistently provides high-quality tools using proven skills and proven quality control standards. With our motto being “Products should be made from the heart”, our goal for quality is to provide the best-quality products required by our customers in a timely manner, while continuing to be a positive force for society.

  • We strive to provide quality products to our customers and continue to be a company you can trust.
  • We maintain a quality management system that allows us to meet the criteria set forth by our customer, the law, and our own company standards.
  • We have created a “Quality Assurance Policy”, and follow it closely, while continually working toward further improvement through the implementation of management reviews and vigilant checks of our Quality Management System.
Sanyo Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd received ISO9001
certification in May, 2001.
Certification Body
Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. (PJR)
Authentication Number
Date Registered
May 2001
Conformity Standards
ISO 90012015
Registered Entities
Head Office、Nagano Facility、Nagoya Office、Osaka Office
Certified Fields
Design、manufacture and sales of tungsten carbide cutting tools and industrial blades


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