Quality Manegement

Sanyo Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. provides constantly high-quality tools using proven skills and proven quality control standards. With our motto being“Products should be made from the heart”, our goal for quality is to provide the best-quality products required by our customers in a timely manner, while continuing to be a positive force for society.

  • 1.We strive to provide quality products to our customers and continue to be a company you can trust.
  • 2.We maintain a quality management system that allows us to meet the criteria set forth by our customer, the law, and our own company standards.
  • 3.We have created a “Quality Assurance Policy”, and follow it closely, while continually working toward further improvement through the implementation of management reviews and vigilant checks of our Quality Management System.
  • Sanyo Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd received ISO9001 certification in May, 2001.
  • Certification Body:Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. (PJR) Authentication number C2010-00932
  • Date registered May, 2001
  • Conformity Standards ISO 90012015
  • Registered Entities:Main Office, Nagano Facility, Nagoya Office, Osaka Office
  • Certified Fields:Design, manufacture and sales of tungsten carbide cutting tools and industrial blades