Privacy Policy

Sanyo Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as We) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of your confidential information, and is committed to taking the following measures:

  • 1.We comply with the laws and standards regarding the collection of confidential information, and have in-house regulations regarding the management of such information, which are universally known, carried out, followed and continually improved by our employees (including executives, full- and part-time employees, and temporary workers).
  • 2.When We collect confidential information, We state the purpose of said information, and We only collect information that is relevant to that purpose with your consent.
  • 3.We will use collected information according to the purpose stated for its collection, and manage such information appropriately, and We will not transfer or disclose said information to a third party without your consent except as described in this statement.
    • ・The concerned party agrees.
    • ・If it is necessary to share part of the confidential information with a third party in order to fulfill our work obligations.
    • ・It is necessary to divulge information to financial institutions in order to facilitate payment procedures, etc.
    • ・We are compelled to divulge information due to legal or other reasons.
  • 4.In the case where We must use confidential information in conjunction with a third party, or must entrust confidential information to a third party to whom we have farmed out work, then we will enter into a contract regarding such, and take steps to assure that laws and other regulations are followed.
  • 5.If you request us to disclose, amend, desist from use, or delete your confidential information, We will comply in a timely manner without objection, unless precluded by legal or other issues.
  • 6.We will manage any information collected with confidentiality, and use it only to the extent stipulated by contract.
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