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Privacy Policy

1. About the Handling of Personal Information
For the handling of personal information provided by customers who use this website, SANYO TOOL MFG, Co., Ltd. (hereinafter gSANYO,h or gwe,h gush or gourh) strives toward the thorough protection thereof. We also comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, relevant cabinet orders/ministerial ordinances, and other guidelines, so that customers can use this site without any anxiety.
2. About the Purposes of Use
SANYO will use a customerfs personal information such as his/her address and name (including information on transactions between the customer and SANYO or our special agents; hereinafter gPersonal Informationh) for the following purposes. Without the advance consent of that customer, SANYO will not use his/her Personal Information for any purpose other than those set forth below:
(1) To send or make advertisements/printed matter, telephone calls, or e-mail to provide information on products and services handled by SANYO, or events/campaigns;
(2) To conduct a survey to study product development or the improvement of customersf satisfaction;
(3) To respond to inquiries and requests for documents; and
(4) To provide a customerfs Personal Information in writing or by electronic media to the following third parties; provided, however, that at the request of that customer, we will discontinue the provision to third parties.
Recipient of information:
1) Subsidiary and affiliated companies, and special agents of SANYO; and
2) Persons with which SANYO has concluded an information provision agreement.
However, if a purpose of use is announced separately on the website, in writing, or by other means, or if a purpose of use is clearly presented to a customer at the time of acquisition, such purpose of use shall have precedence and apply.
3. Disclosure or Provision to Third Parties
Without the consent of the customer concerned, SANYO will not disclose or provide obtained Personal Information to third parties, except the following cases:
(1) If it is provided under the above 2. (4);
(2) If SANYO outsources its business within the limits necessary for the achievement of the purposes of use;
(3) If disclosure is required for the protection of human life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned;
(4) If disclosure of Personal Information is required by laws and regulations; or
(5) If it is otherwise provided by laws and regulations.
4. About Protection and Management of Personal Information
For the handling of Personal Information provided by customers, SANYO will strive toward the thorough protection and management thereof to prevent leakage or disclosure to the outside. We may also outsource the handling of Personal Information to an external company within the limits necessary for the performance of the purposes of use. Even in such case, we will strive toward the thorough protection and management of personal information and provide appropriate control, so that leakage and disclosure to the outside will be prevented. We will also implement thorough computer security against unauthorized access from the outside to protect Personal Information.
5. About Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuance of Use, and Removal of Personal Information
SANYO will appropriately respond to, through the procedure prescribed by us, a request by a customer for disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use, or removal of his/her own Personal Information.

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There is the PDF of the contents of the form. Please send a FAX by filling out.

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