At Sanyo Tool, we have established the design, equipment, technical, and quality control stance that enables the manufacture of high quality specialized cutting tools. These high quality tools cannot be made overnight. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we apply the abundant experience we have garnered thus far, while also aggressively adopting new design ideas, manufacturing methods, and equipment, ensuring that we can manufacture the most cutting-edge specialized tools possible.

Features of our Order-made Tools

  • ●We can make special tools of non-standard sizes, materials, and forms.
  • ●We can design and manufacture high performance tools that will help expedite complex manufacturing processes, which in turn makes it possible to lower manufacture costs.
  • ●We are able to meet your sub-micron precision needs.
  • ●Production from single-unit orders.
  • ●Speedy process from estimate and design through to production and delivery.

Special Orders Q&A

Will you be able to meet our needs for even a single tool order?
Yes, we will. We will listen to your detailed request, and design and manufacture the tool you need using our accumulated experience and the newest equipment.
Won't it be expensive?
At Sanyo Tool, we meet our customers’various needs, with our motto being, “Attaining quick and cost-efficient results.” We will offer advice on anything, from the manufacture process to production cost.
What about tool maintenance?
We design our special tools with an eye on durability and ease of maintenance, and provide follow-up services such as re-polishing.